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We offer a wide range of services to cater to specific customer needs.
Specialized Parts:  Keystone offers production based on your sample or drawing requirements. We work with our domestic manufacturers to source products and manage your fulfillment needs. 
Coating and Plating Services: Keystone offers the best quality of various coatings and plating, as well as coatings done to specifications. Provide us with your specifications and we can make it happen.

• Blue, Clear, Yellow, Green, Black and Trivalent Zinc

• Zinc and Bake

• Specialized Coating to spec

• Magni Coating

• Geomet

• Black Oxide

• Nickel

• Cadmium

• Cadmium

• Passivated

• Hot Dip Galvanized

• Precious Metal Plating

• Anodizing

• Powder coat

• Nylon Patch

• Nylon Pellet

Labels & Boxing: Keystone labels make it easy to identify your parts. Not only do we have an image of the part on the label, but it includes sizing and plating information. In addition, they can have your part number and purchase order added for easy identification. We can also box your quantity specifications and needs.
Stock & Release: We offer a stock and release program, based on quantity and subject to approval.
If you do not see it, give us a call! We offer a wide range of specialty services. Our team is here to help you.


Keystone offers Certified Fastener Specialist services. Our team is familiar with industry standards, specifications, and regulations governing fasteners, such as ASTM, SAE, ISO, DIN and ANSI standards, and stays updated on changes and advancements to ensure compliance and quality assurance.


With our in-depth knowledge of various types of fasteners, we have the ability to analyze fastening applications, identify requirements and recommend appropriate fastener solutions.

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